The absentees without permission will be fined as under:

For one period: Rs. 5
For whole day: Rs. 10
For Without Uniform: Rs. 25
Absence from Exam: Rs. 50 (Per Paper)
Misconduct/indiscipline: Min Rs. 100 , Max Rs. 1000/ (Per Paper)
Those violating the college rules which cause damage to the college property/image will be fined heavily /expelled.

The causes of dismissal from college and rules for re-admission
The students who come in the following category will not be considered for re-admission.

1. The candidates who could no qualify the University of Board examination
2. Irregular students and their improper behavior.
3. The students who fail in promotion test in 3rd year.
4. The students who have a break in the academic process.
5. The students who do not have character certificate from the previous institution.
6. A students continuously remains absent for six days or collectively for ten days in all or in any subject, the name of the student will be struck off.Such student will be allowed for re-admission conditionally after the surety of his father/ guardian with a fine of Rs. 150/- only once.
7. The students who do not attend classes even 15 days before their annual exam, will be struck off.
8. The shortage of attendance may the failure in sending their admission to University / Board.
9. An application for re-admission must be submitted within 15 days after the struck off, otherwise, the applicant may lose the right for re-admission to the college. College Council will decide for re-admission.

Rules for Changing the Subjects

The students who have taken admission to Arts subjects cannot change the subjects by science subjects. Though a student of science subjects can change his subject.
The subjects of arts group can be changed by the other group of arts:
A) The application for change of subjects till 1st of October, otherwise it may be rejected.
B) The change should be granted if it is feasible according to the number of students.
The permission for the change of subject must be granted by the concerned teacher. It is not the right of the student. After the change of subjects, it will be the responsibility of the student to inform both the teachers by showing the new permission letter.So the teacher may un-register his roll number. Otherwise, his name may be struck off from college roll.