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Welcome to Govt. College Civil Lines

The foundation of Govt. College, Civil Lines Multan was laid in 1959. The role of this almamater, in serving education for the young builders of the nation cannot be simply measured through words. The teachers and scholars who served this institution were of great caliber. As a result, this college has produced great scholars, bureaucrats, judges, army officers, engineers, politicians and people of great fame spreading all around the world.

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Principal’s Message


It is the matter of immense pleasure for me to jot-down few lines and congratulate you in anticipation of your admission to Govt. College Civil Lines, Multan. You are about to embark on, one of the most exciting and rewarding phase of your life.We are committed to ensure that students are given the best possible opportunities for their overall grooming and development in a disciplined, peaceful and well mannered atmosphere. Govt. College, Civil Lines, Multan has contributed to the nation by providing some of the intellectuals, leading scientists, bureaucrats, judges, scholars, politicians and professionals in every field of life. I am confident that the college will provide the best possible foundations for success in studies and life, following the spirit of its noble motto "Nobility, Truth & wisdom".